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The Elusive Griffin

An incubus single dad figuring out his son’s human ‘quirks.’ A griffin librarian who doesn’t trust incubi. An eleven-year-old human who brings them together.


Moving to Mistvale was the best decision I’d made for myself and Neel, my eleven-year-old son. I loved having the Mistvale clan to depend on, especially the human members who could help me understand my son’s human quirks.

But when my son kept mentioning the griffin librarian, who seemed to elude me every time I visited the library, it made me curious. I needed to check out who this man was, and if he could be a danger to my son in any way.

The problem was, the man seemed to be avoiding me, and I couldn’t help but wonder why.


Being a librarian in a small town where supes were protected under the care of a storm dragon was safe. It was secure. I liked my life, even if it got somewhat lonely at times.

Everything changed when I spotted an incubus in my library, my safe space. Incubi weren’t to be trusted, and I’d learned that the hard way. I’d taken to hiding every time the incubi came to the library, but I couldn’t help noticing how sweet his son was.

The problem was, despite knowing how untrustworthy incubi were, I couldn’t help being intrigued by this particular incubus.

The Elusive Griffin in an MM paranormal romance featuring an elusive griffin with trust issues, an incubus single-dad who just wants the best for his son, and an eleven-year-old boy who is a budding matchmaker.


Cautious griffin, carefree incubus, single-dad, librarian and all the book love, quiet times, slow burn, fated mates, Memphis doesn’t understand humans, Orion is something of an expert, Neel is just a kid being a kid, sweet father-son moments, Mistvale craziness.

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