Mistvale Characters

Aeron Helmer: Mage with the magic of necromancy. Works as Junior data analyst at Hawthorne Infotech. Engaged and mated to Niall Rodgers. (MC in Angel of Death.)

Birch Sunday: Elf who worked at The Easter branch of The Christmas organization, now retired and lives in Mistvale. Mate and Daddy to Westley Stanley. (MC in My Elf Daddy.)

Caleb Johnson: Wolf shifter, Second of the Mistvale pack, works as the town handyman. Mated to Noel Snow. (MC in My Elf Mate)

Camillo Hawthorne “Cam”: Human turned dragon shifter. Raiden and William Hawthorne’s son. Came out as trans when he was twelve.

Cassian Romanov: Fire mage with a past that haunts him. Grumpy on the outside, sweet on the inside. Comes from old money. Mated to Gustave Baudelaire. (MC in Sleep of Eternity.)

Celeste Griffin: Genderfluid Fae who works as a therapist for the supes of Mistvale. Keeps their distance from the Mistvale clan supes but is always ready to help them. Mated to Hector Hackberry. (MC in My Fae Mate.)

Devon Seong: Bobcat shifter, member of the Mistvale pack. Works at an auto repair shop. Mated to Oliver Cooper. (MC in Claws.)

Firey Pesce: Dolphin shifter. Harlan and Rhiannon’s close friend. Member of the Mistvale pack. Mated to Jules Waller. (MC in Tails.)

Gustave Baudelaire: Sunshiny vampire who wakes up in the 21st century after going into the eternal sleep in the 1800s. Mated to Cassian Romanov. (MC in Sleep of Eternity.)

Harlan Ephram: Warlock. The one who trapped Ollie in his cat form. Now a member of the Mistvale Clan.

Hector Hackberry: Alchemist tea-maker, co-owner of She Bakes, He Brews with his witch best friend. Mated to Celeste Griffin. (MC in My Fae Mate.)

Iris: Witch. Baker and co-owner of She Bakes, He Brews. Hector’s best friend.

Jai Presley: Indian-American human in his early twenties, dealing with a terminal illness that his mate later heals. Works as a freelance content creator. Husband and mate to Raphael Presley. (MC in Touch of Magic.)

Joy Presley: Jai Presley’s younger brother. Human.

Jules Waller: Merman-Siren. Owner of town pub Waves, and Niall Rodger’s boss. Mated to Firey Pesce. (MC in Tails.)

Micah Romanov-Baudelaire: Psychic mage. Adopted son of Cassian Romanov and Gustave Baudelaire. Best friend to Cam.

Neha Presley: Jai and Joy Presley’s mother. Indian. Human. Married to Thomas Presley.

Niall Rodgers: Touch-averse vampire rescued by Cassian who finds it hard to trust after eight years of captivity. Works as a bartender at a pub called Waves. Engaged and mated to Aeron Helmer. (MC in Angel of Death.)

Noel Snow: Elf who worked at the Christmas farm (that is later turned into pack land for the Mistvale shifters pack), now homeschools the supe children of Mistvale. Mated to Caleb Johnson. (MC in My Elf Mate)

Nora Crawford: Vampire. Gustave’s creator/sire.

Oliver Cooper “Ollie”: Cat shifter who was stuck in his cat form until he met his mate. Member of the Mistvale pack. Mated to Devon Seong. (MC in Claws.)

Raiden Hawthorne (Previously Raine): Two thousand years old storm dragon who looks after the town of Mistvale. Previously ran an investment firm but is now a stay-at-home dad to Cam and later Amelia. Husband and mate to William Hawthorne. (MC in My Dragon Mate.)

Raphael Presley (Previously Woodward): Healing mage with faulty magic who runs away from his clan in Ravenshire to find a new home in Mistvale. Works part-time at the town hospital. Husband and mate to Jai Presley. (MC in Touch of Magic.)

Rebecca Jamison “Rebba”: Wolf shifter. Alpha of Mistvale Pack. Runs an animal shelter called The Happy Place. Mated to Rhiannon Ephram.

Rhiannon Ephram: Warlock. Harlan’s sister and mother of twins, Sage and Rowan. Mated to Rebba.

Thomas Presley: Jai and Joy Presley’s father. Human.

Veronica Hawthorne: William’s late-wife. Cam’s mother.

Westley Stanley “Wes”: Human who worked at The Happy Place (the animal shelter). Mate and Little to Birch Sunday. (MC in My Elf Daddy.)

William Hawthorne: Human turned dragon shifter, CEO of Hawthorne Infotech. Father to Cam. Husband and mate to Raiden Hawthorne. (MC in My Dragon Mate.)