Mages of Ravenshire

Set in the fictional town of Mistvale, Mages of Ravenshire is a series filled with magic, laughs and love. Low on angst and high on sweetness, Mages of Ravenshire will leave you with a smile on your face. Come meet Neya, Pads, April and all the other fur-babies and their human, vampires and mages.

Book One: Touch of Magic

A mage without magic. A dying human. A squirrel intent on setting them up…read more.

Book Two: Sleep of Eternity

A mage who fears his magic. A vampire awoken from a century-long slumber. A foe that hides in the shadows…read more.

Book Three: Angel of Death

A necromancer who escaped captivity. A vampire with a scarred soul. A bond forged on delicate trust…read more.

Mages of Ravenshire Box set

Includes some fun facts, a bonus scene…read more.

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Though all the Mistvale books are standalones, the chronological reading order is available here.