Otherworld Characters

Artemus Hendrix: Human. Holder of the magical knowledge of the worlds. King’s Consort of Otherworld. Mated to Reece and Damien. (MC in Fate’s Gambit Trilogy.)

Caelan: Soul Collector. Has cat ears and tails from his first life. Worked first as Damien’s second-in-command, then as Fate’s emissary.

Damien: Soul Collector. Seven-foot-tall with horns, tail, and midnight black wings. King of Otherworld. Mated to Artemus and Reece. (MC in Fate’s Gambit Trilogy.)

Fate (Celeste): Soul. Bearer of a part of Fate’s magic that is responsible for pairing mates. Sibling to the King of Afterworld. (MC in My Fae Mate.)

Jezebeth Eltringham: Black Soul. A witch who led the Burning Chasm breakout in the Fate’s Gambit Trilogy.

Lionel: Soul Collector. Has white wings. Chief of Freya’s Army.

Maximus: Soul Collector. Chief of Anubis Squad. (MC in Maximus.)

Mazia: Soul Collector. Chief of Februus’s Coop. Mated to Vaishnavi.

Nox: Soul Collector. Works as the Keeper of the Chasm.

Reece Anderson: Human. Holder of the magics of protection, healing, and home. King’s Consort of Otherworld. Mated to Damien and Artemus. (MC in Fate’s Gambit Trilogy.)

Ronak: Can read the minds of anyone around him. Used to work as Fate’s emissary, now works as King Damien’s second-in-command whenever needed.

Tharion: Soul. Has golden horns and white wings. Brother to Fate. King of Afterworld.

Vaishnavi: Soul Collector. Chief of Macaria’s Children.

Walker: Soul. A five-year-old boy, the only child who ever managed to stay in Otherworld. Adopted son of King Damien, Reece, and Artemus.

Zane: Soul Collector. Agender. Chief of Ran’s Net.