Otherworld Glossary

Black Soul: A soul who has committed so much evil that there’s no redeeming them. Black Souls are thrown into the Burning Chasm to suffer for eternity.

First/Previous Life: The first/previous life of a soul or a soul collector is the life they had in the human realm before their death.

Gray Soul: A soul who has committed some evil, but can still redeem themself if they tried. Gray Souls are given a chance to redeem themselves in Chief Zane’s Redemption Center.

New Life: When a soul in Afterworld decides to be reborn in the human realm, they get a “new life.” They lose all their memories and experiences of the time before it.

White Soul: A soul who is primarily kind, has done barely any misdeeds, and even those with no evil intent. These souls get to choose between staying in Otherworld as a soul collector or moving on to Afterworld.