The Squads of Otherworld

Anubis Squad

This squad is responsible for collecting the black souls—evil souls that belong in the Burning Chasm. They’re also required to take down supernatural beings who have lost every shred of humanity and can no longer be trusted to exist in the human realm.

Chief: Maximus.

Februus’s Coop

This squad is responsible for collecting the kind, good souls. Most of these souls move on to Afterworld, but the unmated ones may stay in Otherworld, sometimes simply because they’d like to become a soul collector and help others.

Chief: Mazia.

Freya’s Army

This squad collects any soul that died while saving or trying to save another. The souls collected by Freya’s Army make up most of the soul collectors in Otherworld. (According to Ro’Shassz, souls collected by this squad have a serious hero complex.)

Chief: Lionel.

Ran’s Net

There are a lot of gray souls. Souls that aren’t complete evil, but also not innocent. Ran’s Net is responsible for collecting such souls and then helping them become better souls and reintegrate into the world.

Chief: Zane.

Macaria’s Children

This squad is responsible for collecting the souls of children who die before they’ve had a chance to live their full lives. Despite not finding their mates, these souls are usually sent straight to Afterworld since they’re too young to decide otherwise.

Chief: Vaishnavi.