The Realms

The Major Realms:

The Human Realm

Known as Earth to the humans, and the living world or human realm to the others, it is the plane where souls grow, thrive, experience the pain and pleasure of living, and more often than not, find their perfect match, their fated mate.

Specific Towns/Cities:


A small, touristy town on the western coast of the US, Mistvale boasts of never-ending rain, twice-a-month farmer’s markets, a shopping center full of locally run stores, and an unusually high population of supernatural beings. With a storm dragon watching over the town, and Fate themself in their favor, the residents of Mistvale have a special luck when it comes to finding their mates.

Mistvale Locations.

Mistvale Characters List.

Books set in Mistvale:

Mages of Ravenshire series.

Misfits of Mistvale series.

Mistvale Spin-offs.


Unknown to the humans—though referred to as hell, without much knowledge of what it actually is—Otherworld is a small realm that stands between the human realm and Afterworld. Upon death, every human or supernatural soul is collected by a soul collector from Otherworld before they can continue their journey. Otherworld is a small realm, with a villa housing the king and his retinue. A small village makes up the rest of this cliff-top realm.

Specific Locations:

Burning Chasm:

Though not a realm in and of itself, the Burning Chasm is where the blackest of souls are sent to burn for eternity as a punishment for their crimes. The Burning Chasm stands at the southern edge of Otherworld, and is partially responsible for the toasty warm atmosphere of the realm. Nox, Keeper of the Chasm, is responsible for depositing new souls into the chasm and making sure the souls receive the punishment and pain they deserve.

Squads of Otherworld.

Otherworld Characters List.

Otherworld Glossary.

Books set in Otherworld:

Fate’s Gambit Trilogy. (MMM)

Lords of Otherworld series.


Similar to the humans’ image of Heaven, Afterworld is the realm most souls go to, where the spend their years until they’re ready to return to the human realm in a new body.

Unlike Otherworld, Afterworld has no fixed form. It appears to a soul as the place they feel the happiest in. King of Afterworld, Tharion, resides in a resort-like palace with his sibling, Fate, who is responsible for pairing up the souls, and helping souls find their other half.

The Pocket (Minor) Realms:

The Demon Realm

A small realm that houses demons, old supes sent away by warlocks and mages because of their unruly nature. While demons can visit the human realm at will, they can only have a corporeal from in the human realm and affect things (touch, consume, speak) in the human realm if they are summoned there by a living being and have formed a bond with that person.

Books set in the Demon Realm:

Elijah Summons a Demon