Summoning Chaos

Summoning a demon in my bedroom was not one of my finer ideas…

In my defense, I hadn’t expected it to actually work.
But it had. And now I had an 8ft tall obsidian demon with red eyes and chopped off horns sitting on my bed who apparently hadn’t heard the word ‘shower’ before.

Striking a deal with the demon named Azazel, I promised to show him the wonders of the human world—ha! What a joke—in return for one year of his servitude.

I’d been living the life of an outcast loner for a while now, and I thought Azazel would be just another complication, but he might turn out to be the best thing that happened to me. Pity he’s only mine for a year.

Summoning Chaos is a 33k words dual POV MM paranormal romance novella featuring a bored and lonely college student and the demon he accidentally summons. It includes a sassy, bespectacled human, a demon who loves food, a hellhound who is co-parented by a whole realm full of demons and absolutely loves it, some tooth-rotting fluff, and spicy hot smutty times.

While connected to Stella Rainbow’s Otherworld realm books, this novella can be read as a standalone.