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Set in Mistvale

Mistvale Reading Order

Mages Of Mistvale

Set in the fictional town of Mistvale, Mages of Mistvale (previously Mages of Ravenshire) is a series filled with magic, laughs and love. Low on angst and high on sweetness, Mages of Mistvale will leave you with a smile on your face. Come meet Neya, Pads, April and all the other fur-babies and their human, vampires and mages.

Misfits of Mistvale

Misfits of Mistvale features shifters, a half-merman, a werewolf, and many more supes. With all the found family feels you’d expect from a Mistvale book, this series contains books that can be read as standalones.

Mystics Of Mistvale

Featuring some new residents of Mistvale, this series includes a single dad incubus, an elusive griffin, a wise unicorn, a protective gargoyle, and some more unique supes. And of course, you’ll revisit some of your beloved Mistvalers from the previous books.

With the usual dose of romance, found family, and all the Mistvale feels, this series features standalones with a different couple in each book.

Mistvale Spin-Off Novellas.

Set in Otherworld

Fate’s Gambit Trilogy (MMM)

Fate’s Gambit is an MMM PNR trilogy featuring the same triad as they slowly figure our their dynamic and fall madly in love. They’re joined by annoyingly awesome side-characters including a sweet hedgehog, a sassy talking snake, and a guardian in the form of a cat-man.

Lords of Otherworld

Set in the realm of Otherworld (and occasionally the human realm), Lords of Otherworld features a different couple in each book with an overarching plotline. With the usual sweetness and magic paired with some magical adventures, this series starts a year after the end of the Fate’s Gambit trilogy. It is recommended to read the books in order for the most enjoyment.

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Other Paranormal Romance

Innocent Monsters

A spin-off from the Lords of Otherworld series, this series features the not-so-monstrous monsters you met in Nox. Find out how the wendigo, kraken, wyvern, troll, and kelpie find their HEA in this series. All books are standalones and can be read in any order.


Summoning Chaos

Summoning Chaos is a 33k words dual POV MM paranormal romance novella featuring a bored and lonely college student and the demon he accidentally summons.

Contemporary Romance

Voice Out Series

Though each book in the Voice Out series is a standalone, check out the series if you like found families, friends-to-lovers relationships and characters who adore their furry companions.