Mistvale Reading Order

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#1 Touch of Magic (Mages of Ravenshire 1)

A mage without magic. A dying human. A squirrel intent on setting them up.

#2 My Elf Mate (Elves After Dark)

A lonely elf. A straight wolf shifter. A fated encounter that flips their world upside-down.

#3 My Dragon Mate

A human single father. A 2000-year-old storm dragon. A nine-year-old who wants them as fathers.

#4 Sleep of Eternity (Mages of Ravenshire 2)

A mage who fears his magic. A vampire awoken from a century-long slumber. A foe that hides in the shadows.

#5 Angel of Death (Mages of Ravenshire 3)

A necromancer who escaped captivity. A vampire with a scarred soul. A bond forged on delicate trust.

#6 My Elf Daddy (Elves After Dawn)

A chubby human little who doesn’t fit in. An elf daddy looking for his boy. A match made by Fate.

#7 Claws (Misfits of Mistvale 1)

Devon has waited years for his mate. Ollie is puzzled by the concept of romance.

#8 My Fae Mate

Fate has spent centuries pairing mates. Hector just wants to ignore everyone and brew tea.

#9 Tails (Misfits of Mistvale 2)

Jules escaped a past he’d rather forget. Firey has spent years looking for his destiny.

#10 Bonds (Misfits of Mistvale 3)

Joy wants to be a true part of the supe community. Quill is determined to bring his mates together. Tate has spent centuries believing he’d never find his mates.

#11 The Elusive Griffin (Mystics of Mistvale 1)

An incubus single dad figuring out his son’s human ‘quirks.’ A griffin librarian who doesn’t trust incubi. An eleven-year-old human who brings them together.

#12 Make A Wish

A djinn with a wish unfulfilled. A human looking for love. And the meddlesome Mistvalers.