A small, touristy town with an unusually high amount of supernatural population, Mistvale is the domain of a millenniums old storm dragon. A safe haven for supernaturals of any kind, it is a town full of love, family, and the best kind of magic.

Mages of Ravenshire

Set in the fictional town of Mistvale, Mages of Ravenshire is a series filled with magic, laughs and love. Low on angst and high on sweetness, Mages of Ravenshire will leave you with a smile on your face. Come meet Neya, Pads, April and all the other fur-babies and their human, vampires and mages.

Misfits of Mistvale

Misfits of Mistvale features shifters, a half-merman, a werewolf, and many more supes. With all the found family feels you’d expect from a Mistvale book, this series contains books that can be read as standalones.

Mistvale Spin-offs

Set in Mistvale, these novellas crossover with the other Mistvale books, with the characters dropping into each other’s books from time to time. For the correct reading order, click here.

Mystics of Mistvale

Featuring some new residents of Mistvale, Mystics of Mistvale includes a single dad incubus, an elusive griffin, a wise unicorn, a protective gargoyle, and some more unique supes. And of course, you’ll revisit some of your beloved Mistvalers from the previous books. With the usual dose of romance, found family, and all the Mistvale feels, this series features standalones with a different couple in each book.