Mistvale Spin-Off Novellas

Set in Mistvale, these novellas crossover with the other Mistvale books, with the characters dropping into each other’s books from time to time.

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My Dragon Mate

A human single father. A 2000-year-old storm dragon. A nine-year-old who wants them as fathers…read more.

My Elf Mate

A lonely elf. A straight wolf shifter. A fated encounter that flips their world upside-down…read more.

My Elf Daddy

A chubby human little who doesn’t fit in. An elf daddy looking for his boy. A match made by Fate…read more.

My Fae Mate

Fate has spent centuries helping people find their mates. This Christmas, they just might find the man of their dreams…read more.

The Mistvale Spin-Off Collection

For fans of the town of Mistvale, the Mistvale spin-off novellas are now in a boxset! Read My Elf Mate, My Dragon Mate, My Elf Daddy, and My Fae Mate in one collection…read more.

Christmas In Mistvale

This is a mess. This is pure chaos. This is Mistvale…read more.