A small, in-between realm that houses the soul collectors, Otherworld appears as a cliff-side village to most. Ruled by King Damien, it’s the place where every soul is brought after a person’s death in the human realm. While the Fate’s Gambit trilogy tells the story of King Damien and his two human mates, the Lords of Otherworld series features soul collector squad chiefs, the men they fall in love with, and the magical danger lurking over Otherworld.

Fate’s Gambit (MMM)

Fate’s Gambit is an MMM PNR trilogy featuring the same triad as they slowly figure our their dynamic and fall madly in love. They’re joined by annoyingly awesome side-characters including a sweet hedgehog, a sassy talking snake, and a guardian in the form of a cat-man.

Lords of Otherworld

Lords of Otherworld features a different couple in each book with an overarching plotline. With the usual sweetness and magic paired with some magical adventures, this series starts a year after the end of the Fate’s Gambit trilogy. It is recommended to read the books in order for the most enjoyment.