A wyvern who doesn’t trust humans. A human who implicitly trusts him.


I knew what monsters looked like, because I’d been raised by one, afraid and unable to get away because he was the strongest thing I knew. Until the day our village was attacked by a mythical beast and it almost made the monster wet himself.

After another bad day with the monster, I packed up and headed into the mountains to find that beast. When a strange, yellow-eyed man rescued me, I ended up finding a lot more than the beast I’d been looking for.


When the human I trusted and loved called me a monster after seeing my true form, I left everyone and everything behind and made a home for myself in the mountains, determined to never trust another soul for as long as I lived.

But then I stumbled across a strange, injured human, a human who wasn’t afraid of me even after I showed him what I really was. Everything changed when I discovered he was my mate, and I realized I would do anything for this human, including punishing the humans who’d hurt him.

Liberation is a monster x human MM romance featuring a wyvern who is lonely but wouldn’t admit it, a human who wants all the soft touches but doesn’t know how to ask for them, and a romance that feels like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

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