Christmas In Mistvale

This is a mess. This is pure chaos. This is Mistvale.

Count down the twelve days of Christmas by getting a peek into the lives of twelve different families in Mistvale.

Find out who is behind the Christmas gift thefts and what their end game is.

Spend some time with the Mistvale peeps you’ve spent the year falling in love with.

Warning: Chaos reigns supreme in this book. Read at your own risk.

To enjoy this book at its fullest, make sure you’ve read ALL the Mistvale books. If not, you’re free to skip chapter pertaining to particular families and come back to them later. There are no major spoilers in this book, so you can read it all if you wish.

Featured families include:

• Jai, Raphael, and their kids. (Touch of Magic)
• Noel and Caleb. (My Elf Mate)
• William and Raiden. (My Dragon Mate)
• Cassian, Gus, and Micah. (Sleep of Eternity)
• Niall and Aeron. (Angel of Death)
• Westley and Birch. (My Elf Daddy)
• Devon and Oliver. (Claws)
• Jules and Firey. (Tails)
• Celeste and Hector. (My Fae Mate)
• Joy, Tate, and Quill. (Bonds)
• Kezan and Ezra. (Make a Wish)
• Camillo and Micah. (They’ve been everywhere.)


Chaos, as usual, Mistvale does not get snow in Christmas, FYI, there might be a chapter with a warm, sunny Christmas, all the gifts, but they go missing, everyone’s confused, more chaos, who’s the culprit? I know you can tell, shhhh it’s a secret, all the love, holiday cheer, happy things.

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