The Mistvale Spin-off Collection

For fans of the town of Mistvale, the Mistvale spin-off novellas are now in a boxset! Read My Elf Mate, My Dragon Mate, My Elf Daddy, and My Fae Mate in one collection!

My Elf Mate:
A lonely elf. A straight wolf shifter. A fated encounter that flips their world upside-down.

My Elf Mate is a 25k words novella that will give you all the Christmassy feels with warm hot-chocolate, Elf and Santa costumes and fun times including super sensitive elf-ears.

My Dragon Mate:
A human single father. A 2000-year-old storm dragon. A nine-year-old who wants them as fathers…

My Dragon Mate is a 24k words novella starring a slightly confused human; a sweet, 2000-year-old dragon; and a nine-year-old kid who’s determined to make sure they get their happily ever after.

My Elf Daddy:
A chubby human little who doesn’t fit in. An elf daddy looking for his boy. A match made by Fate.

My Elf Daddy is a 30k novella starring a cuddly human little, an elf daddy with intense dark eyes, three little bunnies called Snuggles, Cookie, and Sleepy; and lots of sweetness. It’s a daddy/little story with no ABDL.

My Fae Mate:
Fate has spent centuries helping people find their mates. This Christmas, they just might find the man of their dreams.

My Fae Mate is a 25k words Christmas novella featuring a genderfluid MC, a grumpy tea lover, and cozy holiday cheer.

Other books in the collection: