Mages of Mistvale Box Set

Set in the fictional town of Mistvale, Mages of Mistvale (previously Mages of Ravenshire) is a series filled with magic, laughs, and love. Low on angst and high on sweetness, Mages of Mistvale features fated mates, found family, and a small, magical town.

This collection includes:

Touch of Magic
A mage without magic. A dying human. A squirrel intent on setting them up.

Sleep of Eternity
A mage who fears his magic. A vampire awoken from a century-long slumber. A foe that lurks in the shadows.

Angel of Death
A necromancer who escaped captivity. A vampire with a scarred soul. A bond forged on delicate trust.

The Triple Date: A funky, chaotic bonus scene, and some fun facts about the series.


Mages making a mess, goof x nerd, fated mates, vampires, grumpy x sunshine, kidnapping, vampire attacks, necromancy, snarky x sweet, found family, ace MC, hurt/comfort, age gaps everywhere, mischievous semlees aka magical animals, blood based beverages, small town feels, did we mention age gaps.

Other books in the series:

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