Healing Holiday

A lost soul looking for redemption. An anti-social soul collector forced to plan a party.


When my bosses decided that everyone had earned a celebration after saving the world, I somehow got roped into planning a party for the one place in Otherworld I’d been diligently avoiding.

The Redemption Center housed the souls who’d committed crimes in their human life but had a chance to redeem themselves. It also housed my mate.


I wasn’t a good man. In the human realm, I’d been a ruthless, bloodthirsty vampire who cared for no one. I deserved to be in the Burning Chasm, not getting a second chance in the Redemption Center.

Christmas would be here soon, and my mate was determined to show me I was good enough for him, no matter how much I refused to accept it.

Would I need a Christmas miracle to accept our bond or would I end up breaking both our hearts?

Healing Holiday is an MM holiday romance novella featuring a lost soul with a low self-esteem, a soul collector determined to love him, and soft moments of love and acceptance.

Set in Otherworld, this novella chronologically falls after the last book in the Lords of Otherworld series. While it can be read as a standalone, characters and events from previous books are mentioned.

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