Angel of Death

A necromancer who escaped captivity. A vampire with a scarred soul. A bond forged on delicate trust.


When the man I thought was the love of my life sold me to repay his debts, I lost all hope of ever finding happiness again. I’d let him turn me into a vampire, and then he’d turned me into a slave.

After getting rescued from my prison, I swore I’d let no one control me ever again. 

But when I find out my fated mate is a necromancer, the one type of mage able to control vampires and all the undead, I have a decision to make. Can I trust him, after everything that happened, or will I let my fears get the best of me?


When I escaped my captivity, I didn’t expect to live. I was bleeding too much, and I had nowhere to go. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my miserable life ended. And I was okay with it.

Then I woke up, safe, sound and completely healed, and I saw him. The beautiful, sweet man who couldn’t bear to be touched but whose eyes were bright with longing. I knew he was important to me long before I realized he was my semnyar.

But what do I do when our shared demons are determined to keep us apart? How do I earn his trust when I keep using my magic on him?

Angel of Death is a paranormal gay romance featuring a snarky vampire, a sweet necromancer, a leopard gecko who knows just when to give his people some space and friends who always have their backs.


Niall saves his dying mate, Aeron finds a family, slight misunderstanding that gets resolved in a snap, no angst here, okay maybe a little, Niall needs cuddles but don’t cuddle him yet, Aeron wants to protect him, hurt/comfort, Blizzard is an emotional support teleporting gecko, it’s Nee not Knee, paintball dates, bad guys go whoosh, Niall is a sneak, but Aeron knows him well. Sneaky engagement.

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