The Vulnerable Human

A protective gargoyle who works as a bodyguard. A human chef in need of protection. A stalker that brings them together.


When my instincts reacted after overhearing a panicked phone call, all I could do was follow the human home and watch over him. Discovering he had a cute little daughter and someone was stalking him, I couldn’t stop myself from offering my bodyguard services to him.

It didn’t take me long to realize Trick was my mate, and once I did, nothing could stop me from making sure he and his daughter stayed safe, not bullets, poison, or anything else his stalker could throw at me.


When my sister got sick, I broke up with my boyfriend, left my job in New York and moved to Mistvale to take care of her and her newborn baby. Six months later, I lost my sister and became a father.

Lena and I were finally settling into life in Mistvale when someone started leaving notes at my door. When my babysitter called me in a panic, I knew I needed to do something. I’d do anything to keep my daughter safe, even hire a bodyguard. It didn’t hurt that Vo was as hot as he was sweet.

The Vulnerable Human is a 55k MM romance featuring a gargoyle with strong protective instincts, a human with supreme cooking skills and an adorable daughter, a stalker who needs to be taught a lesson, and all the family vibes you expect from a Mistvale Town book.

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