The Reclusive Dryad

A forest spirit protective of his home. A unicorn determined to befriend him. A slowly strengthening bond.


My magic had never failed me, and when it guided me to Silent Creek Park, I followed my instincts. The forest spirit who called the park home was shy and not very talkative, but my magic told me he was important, maybe the most important person I’d ever meet.

I didn’t care how long it took, I was determined to break his walls. I’d bring him as many cupcakes and sweet treats as it took. After all, wasn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomach?


I’d been content with my life in the park I’d claimed as mine until I sensed his presence. A being as old as me, and maybe just as lonely in some ways. He was beautiful with his colorful mane and his chipped off horn, a unicorn worthy of being in my park.

I still couldn’t bring myself to talk to him, but when he started bringing me the sweetest, most delicious treats, I gave back in kind like the old times. Maybe having a friend wouldn’t be that bad, but what what if we could be more?

The Reclusive Dryad is an MM paranormal romance featuring a unicorn who is the last of his kind, and a reclusive forest spirit with a sweet-tooth. It features an ethereal romance between two magical beings connected to Mother Earth, tons of sweet moments, and the usual Mistvale mayhem.

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