The Elusive Griffin

An incubus dad working hard to be his best self for his son. A griffin librarian who doesn’t trust incubi after getting his heart broken. An unlikely situation that brings them together.


Moving to Mistvale was the best decision I could’ve made for myself and my son Neel. I loved having the Mistvale clan to depend on, and Neel was flourishing.

But when he kept mentioning the griffin librarian who seemed to elude me every time I visited the library, it made me curious. Who was this man, and why was I the only one who hadn’t seen him?

When we finally crossed paths, it was for a completely different reason. The griffin needed my help, and I couldn’t bring myself to say no.


Being a librarian in a small town where a storm dragon watched over the supes was safe. It was secure. I liked my life, even if it got somewhat lonely. Being lonely was better than being hurt.

When my past came back to haunt me with what looked like a wicked twist of fate, I needed help. Asking an incubus for help was the last thing I wanted to do, but his son convinced me it would be a good idea.

What I hadn’t expected was how sweet this particular incubus was. I just needed his help, but I couldn’t help liking him more with each day we spent together.

The Elusive Griffin is an MM paranormal romance featuring an elusive griffin with trust issues, an incubus single-dad who just wants the best for his son, and two tweens who know for sure their dads are going to end up together.

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