Joy longs to be a true part of the supe community. Tate has spent centuries believing he’d never find his mates. Quill is determined to bring his mates together.


I’d spent years being the adopted human member of the Mistvale clan. While I loved my supernatural family, I’d long wished I could be a true part of it.

When a wolf shifter found me on my camping trip and claimed to be my mate, my wish was fulfilled. But that wasn’t all.


When a strange vision told me to head to Mistvale to find my mates, I didn’t hesitate. Every shifter dreams of the day they would find their mate, and I wasn’t about to let mine go.

It didn’t take long to convince Joy to come with me to look for our other mate, but when we found him, we realized a mate bond wasn’t all that a relationship required.


When I was in my twenties, my mate bond was broken by someone I’d trusted with my life. After the betrayal, I spent decades looking for a cure before resigning myself to being alone forever.

When a wolf shifter and a human showed up at my cabin claiming to be my mates, I didn’t want to believe them. I didn’t want to hope, but they wouldn’t let me hide, and they wouldn’t leave me alone.

Bonds, a 55k MMM romance, features a human who adores all things supernatural, a buff wolf shifter who loves pretty clothes, and a blind, asexual werewolf who very much wants to be loved.


Joy is a gentle giant, Quill looks gorgeous in silk and lace, Tate is a smol cinnamon-bun, Joy and Quill protec Tate, even though Tate is a big bad werewolf, Tate loves it tho, Mistvale clan shenanigans, Cam has yet another announcement, Quill’s friends are a blast, Tate is ace and also kinda like Daredevil, the kids love him, Joy has a secret alter ego, lots of love and squishy feels, cuddle piles, wolves creating chaos, happily ever after.

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