Watching The Sunrise

From strangers to friends who discover the joys of life with each other, Brady and Charlie are set to watch the sun rise together.


For years, building my café and working at the Voice Out charity had been the focus my life. But when a maybe-stalker seeked me out with his puppy eyes and dire need of fashion advice, I found something—someone—new to focus on.

Charlie needed me in ways no one had ever needed me before, and helping them soon became the best part of my day.


After hiding a part of me my whole life, my father’s sudden death reminded me just how short life could be. So what did I do? I moved to a new city where I knew no one, intent on finding my true self, even though I had no idea how to do that after hiding myself for so long.

Then, I saw Brady. Beautiful, vibrant Brady, who struck a chord in me the moment my eyes fell on him. One conversation with him, and he promised to help me discover myself. I never expected that one promise to lead me to find everything I’d ever wanted in life.

Watching The Sunrise is a 65k words contemporary MX romance featuring a genderfluid MC, a man who loves make-up, a cute little dog called Cherry, and make-up tutorials galore.

Note: Watching The Sunrise was previously published as Finding Me. There are some minor changes in this version, but much of the story remains the same.

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Genderfluid MC, toppy twink, self-discovery, make-up tutorials, Cherry-the-Maltese, Charlie loves cooking, white sugar balls are delicious, not those balls gutter mind, Brady teaches self-defense, Mama D is everyone’s hero.

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