Weathering The Storm

From roommates who barely see each other, to finding their happily ever after, Luke and Scott have a tough storm to weather.


Escaping a madman with your life barely intact and your ability to trust shattered changes you. It changed me. I didn’t remember who I was before him, my past a murky shadow, and everything in the future looked the same.

Until an ad for a roommate led me to Scott. Scott made me feel safe. He made me feel… happy. But should I allow myself to drop my walls around him when the last man I let in left me bleeding and scared of my own shadow?


Being lonely was nothing new to me. Other than my best friend and his small family, I had no one in the world and I was okay with that. Or at least, that was what I thought.

But then Luke showed up, looking to rent a room, and something about the beautiful man with his oversized hoodie and eyes full of warniness made me want to get to know him better. Something made me want to earn his trust, to see joy and adoration shine in those gray eyes. But should I let him get close when I’ve lost too many people already?

Weathering the Storm is a 70k contemporary gay romance featuring two men with haunted pasts, reading sessions that include cookies and bonding, a three-legged cat named Tressa, and a beautiful slow burn romance.

Note: Weathering the Storm was previously published as Finding You. There are some minor changes in this version, but much of the story remains the same.


Luke doesn’t trust anyone, Scott doesn’t let people get too close, they both break their rules for each other, some angst, but lots of sweetness, roommates to lovers, slow burn, like sloooooow burn, low heat, demisexual Scott, all the hurt/comfort, Tressa the three-legged cat, because Luke is punny with names, Mama D is a force to be reckoned with, Voice Out is a family, nightmares, comfort with cuddles, Scott is Luke’s safe space.

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