Misfits of Mistvale Box Set

Set in the fictional town of Mistvale, Misfits of Mistvale features shifters, a merman-siren, a werewolf, and many more supes. With all the found family feels you’d find in Mistvale, this series is full of love, magic, and mayhem.

This collection includes:

Devon has waited years for his mate. Ollie is puzzled by the concept of romance.

Claws is an MM shifter romance featuring a snuggly cat shifter who doesn’t understand humans, a graysexual bobcat shifter who is stronger than he thinks he is, and a found family that supports them every step of the way.

Jules escaped a past he’d rather forget. Firey has spent years pining after someone who isn’t meant to be his.

Tails is an MM paranormal romance featuring a beautiful merman-siren, a shy dolphin shifter who just wants his mate to notice him, and all the usual Mistvale Clan meddling.

Joy wants to be a true part of the supe community. Quill is determined to bring his mates together. Tate has spent centuries believing he’d never find his mates.

Bonds is an MMM paranormal romance featuring a human who adores all things supernatural, a buff wolf shifter who loves pretty clothes, and a blind, asexual werewolf who very much wants to be loved.

Other books in the series: