Sleep of Eternity

A mage who fears his magic. A vampire awoken from a century-long slumber. A foe that hides in the shadows.


I’d been okay living the life of a hermit with just my semlee for company. But when helping my best friend find his mate led me to the town of Mistvale, I knew my days of being alone were coming to an end.

The pull I felt to the town could only be one thing. After more than a century of being alone, I might finally find my semnyar, my mate.

But what did I do when I found him buried in the basement of the house I’d just bought? Or when I realized that he was a vampire, the species that was the most susceptible to my fire, to my magic that had already taken everything from me?


When I woke up in a strange room with my mate hovering over me, it took me a moment to remember what had happened, what had been done to me. My sire had forced me into the eternal sleep. I’d slept in 1880 and woken up almost a century and a half later.

The bright side was, I had been woken up by my mate and as long as we were together, I knew I’d be able to find my way in this strange new world.

But how did I make Cassian see that his fears were unfounded, that he’d never hurt me? How did I make him understand what being fated mates really meant?

Sleep of Eternity is an 60k words story that features a grumbly fire mage, a vampire who is strangely sunshiny, a friend who loves tricking them, an owl who fiercely protects those she considers hers and lots of fire-magic and biting.


Cassian finds his mate buried in his basement, no innuendo detected, Tay wakes up after a century, everything’s different, ACE MC, Tay is an unusual vampire, he’s all sunshine and smiles, Cassian is a grumpy fire mage, fated mates, size difference, weird vampire aunt groupie, a dash of angst, April is really a mother hen, Raphael loves poking the Cassybear, lots of BITING.

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