My Elf Daddy

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A chubby human little who doesn’t fit in. An elf daddy looking for his boy. A match made by Fate.


I wasn’t like the other littles. I was big, chubby, and cuddly. And I liked who I was, but Daddies? They didn’t.

Most Daddies wanted tiny, twinky boys who would fit on their laps and look good under their arms. Not me.

Then I found Birch. He wasn’t like most Daddies, but he was definitely a Daddy. And he wanted me.


When I came to Mistvale, my plan had been to host an Easter Party and figure out whether Mistvale would be a good place to settle in.

What I hadn’t expected was to find my fated mate in the most perfect little I’d ever met. Westley was everything I’d wanted and more, and he was all mine.

There was only one problem: Westley had no clue about the supernatural world, and I was an elf.

My Elf Daddy is a 30k novella starring a cuddly human little, an elf daddy with intense dark eyes, three little bunnies called Snuggles, Cookie, and Sleepy; and lots of sweetness. It’s a daddy/little story with no ABDL.


Westley is a LITTLE different, chubby cute and innocent, and exactly Birch’s type, overalls for days, bunny jammies, Westley is also human, Birch isn’t, Mistvale family meddles again, Easter party, bunnies are adorable, storytimes are the best, Birch is a caring Daddy.

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