Devon has waited years for his mate. Ollie is puzzled by the concept of romance.


I’ve waited patiently for Fate to make my paths cross with the man who would be mine. I never expected it to be another small-cat shifter, let alone someone who had spent his whole life believing himself to be a pet cat.

With the help of a dragon, I broke the curse stopping Ollie from shifting, though the warlock who cursed him was still out there and I didn’t know if I was strong enough to protect him.


I spent my whole life in a cat’s body, knowing the world around me through my cat eyes. Until I met Devon. He introduced me to a world of magic and love, and I couldn’t believe my luck when he found me.

With Devon, I finally had my forever home. If only I could convince him he wasn’t weak just because he was small. If only I could learn to be human.

Claws is a 55k words gay romance starring a snuggly cat shifter who doesn’t understand humans, a graysexual bobcat shifter who will slowly realize small doesn’t mean weak, and a found family who will support them every step of the way.


Devon wants his mate to hurry up and find him, Ollie just wants a forever home, Fate makes sure their paths cross, Cam and Micah bomb the pack school, no really, OKAY it’s an air freshener bomb, they highjack the book for moment, cat shifters are ADORABLE, the dragon breaks a curse, Ollie is a clueless human, Noel introduces Ollie to EDUCATIONAL videos, Devon teaches him ALL THE THINGS, Ollie wants to learn romance, Mistvale family to the rescue.

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