Lionel (Audiobook)

Narrated by John York.

The King of Afterworld. The Chief of Freya’s Army. An evil queen they need to stop from rising.


Nothing felt worse than getting betrayed by the person you trusted the most. Finding out I’d been around my mate for decades without recognizing him hurt.

But with an evil queen intent on usurping the throne of Otherworld, and all of the demon realm under threat, we hardly had time for romance. Not that I’d let that stop me, no matter how reluctant Lionel was to accept me as his mate.

Could I balance love and war, and win them both?


I should’ve been over the moon when I found out the man I’d been pining over for decades was my mate, but I wasn’t. Until now, I’d barely been a blip on Tharion’s radar, and I couldn’t help wondering if he actually wanted me for me or because I was his mate.

Not that I had much time to think about it between trying to keep the dark souls from escaping the Chasm and helping my king keep our realm safe.

Could I keep my heart and my realm safe?

Lionel, the final book in the Lords of Otherworld series, features a soul collector who doesn’t quite know what to do when his pining bears fruits, a king who is determined to win his love, and a final fight to protect all of the realms from the rule of an evil queen.

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