Zane (Audiobook)

Narrated by John York.

A badass soul collector. A haunted soul. An evil haunting them all.


When I launched the knife to stop the warlock aiding the enemy’s escape, it took me a moment too long to realize the man I’d killed was my mate.

When I met Wren again in Otherworld and he thanked me for killing him, I realized how deep his pain ran.

I’d never been the kind of person someone went to for comfort, but could I be that for my mate without messing everything up?


The day a warrior with beautiful gray-green eyes stuck a knife in my neck was the best day of my life. Until I realized my beautiful savior was my mate.

Unable to speak without having a panic attack, Zane’s care and accommodation of my limitations left me in awe. Between texting and sharing notes, I found myself letting my guard around them.

But with my past haunting me at every turn, could I be the mate Zane deserved?

Zane, the second book in the Lords of Otherworld series, features a badass agender soul collector, a haunted soul who wants to heal, and a romance that starts with one of them killing, and thereby saving, the other.

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Zane is a BAMF, but secretly a softie, goes by they/them, identifies as agender. Zane’s gender identity is BAMF too, honestly. Wren is a sweetie hiding lots of pain, Not-really-but-kind-of dead mate, second life, ex-vampires are a thing, Zane is really good with knives, like really good, Wren is a cinnamon-roll, Zane ISN’T, selective mutism, Damien is not very kingly, horrible exes, past abuse, low heat, Zane is kind of a therapist, but only to criminals.

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