My Elf Mate

A lonely elf. A straight wolf shifter. A fated encounter that flips their world upside-down.


Being an elf isn’t as fancy as it sounds. I work alone, live alone and I like it. Kind of. I have a whole farm to myself and Little Kitty to keep me company. It’s not a lot, but I’m happy. I don’t need anything else. Right?


Finding out your girlfriend–who is also your Alpha–has been three-timing you isn’t fun. When I ran off the pack-land in a fit of rage, I didn’t expect to end up in a rainstorm. Or find my mate. But I did. He’s a man. And an Elf. A sweet, gorgeous elf.

Set in Stella Rainbow’s fictional town, Mistvale, My Elf Mate is a 25k words novella that will give you all the Christmassy feels with warm hot-chocolate, Elf and Santa costumes and fun times including super sensitive elf-ears.


Noel loves Christmas, Caleb did the “run away to escape emotions” thing, Noel thinks Caleb is a dog, why is there a naked man in Noel’s cabin?? Christmas magic is in the air, GFY, Noel is the boss now, found family, Caleb has feels, Santa roleplay? fated mates, no angst, all fluff.

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