Devil’s Gamble

The Devil. Two humans. And a deal that changes everything.


Two years. I’d spent two years watching the human couple who’d enraptured me.

When they got married, I decided it was time to let go; and then it happened.

When Reece said he’d make a deal with the devil if he had to, I took my chance.

I never imagined I would find everything I was looking for.


It was the best day of my life. I married the man I loved, my Artemus.

The next day was the worst day of my life. An accident. My husband on the brink of death.

I met the devil by accident, and made a deal with him: Save my husband’s life, and I’m yours for the next six months.

I never expected to fall in love again.


A honeymoon in Greece. A whole life with Reece I’d been looking forward to.

I lost it all in the accident. I lost the years I’d spent with my husband. I lost all memories of the man I’d married.

The stories Damien told me about me and Reece, and the love we shared, didn’t sound familiar at all.

I never knew surviving could be this painful.

Devil’s Gamble is a 40k words MMM paranormal romance starring a cinnamon-bun devil, a heartbroken Pet who needs lots of cuddles, a slightly frustrated Master, a hedgehog named Spike, and the talking snake Ro’Shassz. Content warning for a dash of insta-love because Fate really wants these men to get together, and Fate gets what Fate wants.


Not all devils are evil, no drug deals involved, age gaps, cuddles heal everything, M/M/M, Reece has too many feelings, Arty is utterly confused, Damien just wants to love them, Spike is a cute hedgehog, fated mates, gentle giants are adorable, the devil is seven feet tall and looks GREAT in crop-tops, lots of hurt/comfort, it’s okay to love more than one man, Amnesia is a thing and it SUCKS, way too many feelings involved, but these men won’t give up.

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