Narrated by John York.

The fearless Keeper of the Chasm. An ex-warlock recovering from death. An evil rising from the flames.


When my idea of sneaking into the Burning Chasm for a recon mission was shot down by everyone, including the King of Otherworld, I probably should’ve listened.

Now I was stuck inside a chasm full of the blackest souls of the world, and I could get caught any moment by the very evil we were trying to fight.

Would I be able to get out in time, or was this the end for me?


When I’d taken a fatal hit to save my best friend’s life, I hadn’t known I’d end up in a whole new realm, fight a whole new evil.

I also hadn’t known I’d find and lose my mate on my first day in Otherworld. But I wouldn’t let him slip away so easily, no matter how hard I needed to fight to get him back.

But in a fight against these unknown forces, would I be strong enough to get Nox out before he succumbs to the darkness of the Burning Chasm?

Nox, the third book in the Lords of Otherworld series, features a badass soul who has trouble following orders, a newly minted soul collector with a savior complex, and a romance that is equal parts sweet and spicy.

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Zane is a BAMF, but secretly a softie, goes by they/them, identifies as agender. Zane’s gender identity is BAMF too, honestly. Wren is a sweetie hiding lots of pain, Not-really-but-kind-of dead mate, second life, ex-vampires are a thing, Zane is really good with knives, like really good, Wren is a cinnamon-roll, Zane ISN’T, selective mutism, Damien is not very kingly, horrible exes, past abuse, low heat, Zane is kind of a therapist, but only to criminals.

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