Pet’s Ploy

Two realms. One relationship. And a chasm they need to cross.


My husband had no memories of me. It was okay, though, because I still had him.

Then there was Damien. I’d started falling in love with a while ago, and he was finally ours.

There were things that haunted me, memories from a past I’d rather forget. But I had my men by my side and they helped me through the dark days.

Being in love had never felt so beautiful.


I finally had the men I’d dreamed of having. They were mine, and I was theirs.

I couldn’t leave Otherworld to be with them all the time. I was the King, and it was my duty to take care of my realm.

Still, we made it work. Reece and Artemus were everything I’d never known I needed.

Being in love had never felt so right.


Nothing felt worse than not remembering the man you loved. But I was learning to focus on the present and make new memories.

Damien helped. With his cheerful smile and the way he loved with his whole heart, how could he not?

But when he disappeared without a word, nothing felt right. We had no way of reaching him, and no idea if he was okay.

Being in love had never felt so scary.

Pet’s Ploy is a 40k words MMM paranormal romance starring a cinnamon-bun devil, a sweet gentle-giant who needs lots of cuddles, a slightly frustrated Master, a hedgehog named Spike, and the talking snake Ro’Shassz. It’s the second book in the Fate’s Gambit series and ends in an HFN. The series follows the same characters and must be read in order.


Figuring things out, say “Daddy”, Reece is SO DONE with this self-discovery business, age gaps, Arty wants his memories back, Damien is a ball of happiness, M/M/M, they fit like puzzle pieces, fated mates, first dates and kisses, falling in love all over again, second chances are beautiful, bad witches need to DIE, the humans save their devil boy.

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