Master’s Design

Three men. One child. And a family that was fated to be theirs.


After everything that had happened, all I wanted to do was grab my boys and lock ourselves away somewhere far away from all the danger.

But Damien had a realm to run, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t put my very capable men, my only family, in a bubble.

When we discover someone from Reece’s past in Otherworld, though, I’d do anything to protect him.

I’d never realized how precious family was.


When we moved to Otherworld, I never expected my past would follow me across realms.

Unlike the last time, though, I wasn’t alone. I had two men who loved me more than life itself.

I knew they’d support me, and so would the people of Otherworld I called friends. When I had so many people on my side, how could I ever let the past drag me back?

I’d never realized how empowering family was.


After working as King of Otherworld for over two centuries, I thought I’d all there was to see of this world.

Everything changed when one of my chiefs informed me that a five-year-old child had opted to become a soul-collector.

My life with Reece and Artemus had just settled down, and in all my daydreams and wishes, I’d never expected to become a father to a child with my two men.

I’d never realized how necessary family was.

Master’s Design is a 40k words MMM paranormal romance starring a cinnamon-bun devil, a gentle giant who WILL win the dad-of-the-year award, a slightly frustrated Master, a five-year-old boy in need of some gentle love, a hedgehog named Spike, and the talking snake Ro’Shassz. It’s the third and final book in the Fate’s Gambit series and ends in a well-deserved HEA. The series follows the same characters and must be read in order.


They just can’t catch a break, Otherworld is home, wait, we’re parents now?? M/M/M, parenting is HARD, Walker needs all the love, found family, Reece is a great cook, Arty is a kind teacher, Damien is the COOL DAD, fated mates, kitty is a good friend, evil exes need to smolder in the Burning Chasm, protective dads, Graduation, happy ending!

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