Fate’s Gambit Trilogy

The Devil. Two humans. And a deal that changes everything.

Devil’s Gamble | Reece

It was the best day of my life. I married the man I loved, my Artemus.

The next day was the worst day of my life. An accident. My husband on the brink of death.

I met the devil by accident, and made a deal with him: Save my husband’s life, and I’m yours for the next six months.

I never expected to fall in love again.

Pet’s Ploy | Artemus

Nothing felt worse than not remembering the man you loved. But I was learning to focus on the present and make new memories.

Damien helped. With his cheerful smile and the way he loved with his whole heart, how could he not?

But when he disappeared without a word, nothing felt right. We had no way of reaching him, and no idea if he was okay.

Being in love had never felt so scary.

Master’s Design | Damien

After working as King of Otherworld for over two centuries, I thought I’d all there was to see of this world.

Everything changed when one of my chiefs informed me that a five-year-old child had opted to become a soul-collector.

My life with Reece and Artemus had just settled down, and in all my daydreams and wishes, I’d never expected to become a father to a child with my two men.

I’d never realized how necessary family was.

The Fate’s Gambit Trilogy is the complete story of Damien, Reece, and Artemus. The books are also available separately, but must be read in order.

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