Fate’s Gambit Trilogy

When Reece makes a deal with the devil to save his husband’s life, he gets a lot more than he bargained for…


After two years of silently watching my mates from the shadows, I finally have the chance to help them, to find my place with them.

While convincing Reece that we belonged together, and reminding Artemus of the man he loved might prove tougher than I’d expected, I was up for the challenge.


If I believed in the mythologies my husband was so fascinated with, I’d have said getting into a car accident on our way to our honeymoon was a bad omen.

But finding out the Devil exists and making a deal with him to save my husband’s life? I didn’t know what to believe, especially when I started feeling things for the surprisingly sweet Devil that I should only feel for my husband.


Waking up six months after being in a car crash and discovering you have a husband you don’t remember sucked. At least I recognized Damien from my dreams, and my feelings for him were a lot easier to make sense of.

Even though I don’t remember Reece, I hate hurting him. Hopefully, with Damien’s help, I’d be able to remember the man I’d loved, and maybe the three of us could build something none of us has expected to have. A family.

Fate’s Gambit follows the King of Otherworld and his two human mates as they try to figure out what they mean to each other, all the while dealing with threats from the outside world.

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